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Shipping Goods from China to Your Warehouse / The Best Way of Shipping in China

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Before Shipping Goods

CONTAINERSIf you are going to do trade from China or another country before the shipping you have to check all products. If you`ll make a mistake in this part unfortunately there is no mercy. So, be sure you delegate your products to the right person or company. Most of the problems before the product shipped;

-       Maybe the product sizes or quality is different,

-       Maybe damaged or not packaged well,

-       Maybe the products is not answer your expectations,

These types of mistakes will put you in a difficult situation which is you never want to be, and very difficult to compensate for these errors, as well as compensation process takes too long. If you are purchasing the product from Europe is unlikely to stay too much of a problem facing, but you need to be careful if you are purchasing from China because of legal situations, such as the European union agreements is not working in here.


For check your products before shipping you could follow these ways:


-       You could rely on the factory to check your products but this is the most risky method of governance. Sometimes even most reliable business man couldn’t have enough time to check the products than they could lick and a promise.

-       Also if you have some free time you could check the products by yourself but this way is going to be a bit expensive. The accommodation and transport cost will be very costly. This is most safety but also most costly method.

The last method is you could have some agreement with an agency and the agency can check products on your behalf. That`s the way which is big companies are doing, because the cost is not much and safe way.


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